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Our Statement On COVID-19

To our clients The situation following the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to develop extremely quickly and is now affecting every aspect of our daily lives and work. For some of us in ways that we could not have predicted. Despite the current situation, we want to let you know that we’re doing everything possible in […]

How to Increase The Value Of Your Property

  Key areas to focus on to improve your property investment Buying a property is still one of the best investments that you can make, even more now where the market is shifting towards a ‘buyers’ market’. Whether you are buying a flat, townhouse or mansion, fact is that your investment will grow over time. […]

PVC Wrap Component Benefits

PVC Wrap Component Benefits When you are considering renovating your kitchen, there are an overwhelming variety of finishes to choose from. One of them is PVC wrap, lately also manufactured in the trending super satin touches. Wrap doors are high quality doors manufactured from medium density fibre board (MDF or commonly known as Supawood), vacuum […]

International Trends

Latest trends in from the international design industry. Interzum 2019 presented a wide range of new products and innovations. One of the aspects that were reflected through the entire exhibition was the shift towards new colour schemes and decor finishes. When considering redesigning your living areas, you need to decide whether you want to create […]

Black PVC Wrap Kitchen

Adding your own flavor to your living space.   We recently finished PVC wrap components for one of our clients that is building a new kitchen. The client had a very specific look that he wanted to achieve, looking at the international market trends of blending natural materials, such as solid wood, with modern surface […]

Alternative Materials For Kitchens

Creating Truly Unique Kitchen Components A complete kitchen making use of compact laminate. One of our clients recently finished this very unique project for a client. Making use of compact laminate as the material of choice he created this unique kitchen. What is compact laminate? Compact laminate is made up of layers of Kraft paper […]

Creating A New Look For Your Living Space

Choosing Components For Your Home At Simply Cabinet Doors we like to offer our clients a complete solution. We have been manufacturing kitchen components successfully for over 10 years. We manufacture quality products that are well known within the industry. As part of our service to we offer a complete end-to-end solution for joinery design,costing […]

Online Quote Submission Is Up And Running

Online is better, well in most cases. Certain applications still require either a manual process or direct interaction with another person. However within our industry detail is extremely important. Lacking detail and mistakes can be the difference between success and failure. Identifying a need  We have therefore implemented a system not only to increase productivity […]

Choosing a White High Gloss Finish

High gloss seems to be a favourite in kitchen finishes in the past year or so. The demand for a quality high gloss finish is still high and we are frequently producing these components. Reason why the high gloss seems to be a finish that people prefer, as it offers a look that is adaptable to […]

Postform Tops Are Far From Dead

There has been this perception that I have come across a few times that people believe postform tops are on the way out. Running a factory manufacturing postform tops I can in all honesty say that this is not the case. Postform tops are still in demand today and the demand won’t stop any time […]

Striving For Excellence In A Manufacturing Industry

Striving for excellence This involves developing not only technically, but also in the areas of communications, interpersonal relationships, ethics, and more. Working in a manufacturing industry I have learned that there are some key points to take into consideration when trying to achieve excellence. Producing high-quality products Make sure that the products that you offer […]

Why You Should Insist On High Pressure Wrap

Why High Pressure? Let’s start off with what a PVC wrapped door is. A PVC wrapped door is a MDF board that is coated with a specified color of PVC. This is done by a machine that bonds the foil to the MDF by means of positive pressure vacuum and heat and forms a permanent […]

Why Should I Buy PVC Wrap Doors?

  Let’s put it this way, when it comes to choosing finishes for your kitchen there are just too many to choose from. It all comes down to your taste, preferences and of course budget.  A good starting point is to list the advantages and give reasons that would influence your decision as to why […]

New High Pressure Press

Simply Cabinet Doors installed a NEW HIGH PRESSURE PRESS! The long awaited High Pressure Press has been installed and can now be operated. We believe that investing in our business is investing in our customers. Not only is this investment taking us to a new level in the PVC wrap industry; it is also increasing […]