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PVC Wrap Component Benefits

When you are considering renovating your kitchen, there are an overwhelming variety of finishes to choose from. One of them is PVC wrap, lately also manufactured in the trending super satin touches.

Wrap doors are high quality doors manufactured from medium density fibre board (MDF or commonly known as Supawood), vacuum bonded with PVC foil in various colours and textures. This provides a continuous, impervious coating that is hygienic, long lasting and easy to clean.

The MDF panel is cut, routed and profiled as desired and provides a door for everyone’s taste. A wrap door can be designed to a number of profiles, from simple flat doors to doors with more traditional routed patterns. The foil comes in a large range of colours including solid and wood grain colours and the finish can be smooth, textured or even gloss.


When compared to spray/duco doors, PVC wrap has the following benefits:

  • No glue line on the edges as with melamine doors that are edged. Therefore a cleaner and smoother end result is produced.
  • PVC wrap is price competitive when compared to spray doors.
  • PVC wrap can be manufactured with profiles and textures, whereas spray/duco only allows for profiles with a smooth finish.

The best results regarding the manufacturing process are proven on a high pressure press bed, compared to a standard vacuum press. Make sure that when you choose a manufacturer that you understand their processes and what type of equipment they are using.

A great benefit when manufacturing PVC wrap components is the fact that the colour options are endless. With the latest interior trends of warmer and darker tones we are experiencing a shift towards matt and satin touch PVC wrap finishes which complement these colours. These are all available at Simply Cabinet Doors.

Simply Cabinet Doors has been manufacturing wrap doors over the last 10 years. We have established strong supplier relationships that have been part of the developing technology in PVC foils. We market the product with confidence in partnership with our suppliers.

To view any of our products visit our showroom, or contact us for a quote.

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