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Latest trends in from the international design industry.

Interzum 2019 presented a wide range of new products and innovations. One of the aspects that were reflected through the entire exhibition was the shift towards new colour schemes and decor finishes.

When considering redesigning your living areas, you need to decide whether you want to create a trendy feel or a look that will last for years to come. Certainly the kitchen or living area of any home is an investment. Taking the necessary time and thought into these aspects can certainly increase the property value.

A gloss finish was and still is one of the more popular choices when it comes to kitchens. It gives a clean and hygienic atmosphere which creates space. White high gloss is always a good starting point when the iconic two tone kitchen is desired.

Combining materials, textures and finishes.

Another new trend was the super satin matte finishes combined with natural colours and textured designs.

The movement is also to use three or four colour combinations with added textures. Darker colours incorporated as accents were also seen in many designs and greatly increases the dynamic of the overall designs.


(Slimline Matt Finish Tops Combined With Textured PVC Wrap And Solid Wood)


The flow and layout of a design is also becoming very important. We see the focus being on lifestyle kitchens that is not only functional but makes a statement and reflects the personality of the home owner.

Themes like recycling, green concepts and natural materials are combined with metals and steel in order to create a very interesting design concept, again a reflection of character.

Certain finishes can add a great deal of sophistication when it comes to the overall look of a living space.


Kitchen 1

(Gloss Combined With Wood And Stone)

Hardware makes a difference

Adding a soft close hardware in the kitchen will create a calming effect every time you open and close a drawer. Making use of soft close hinges ensures a smooth delicate closing of opened drawers and creates that extra depth when you are cooking up a storm for the family!

Hardware manufacturers such as GRASS have options for nearly any application. Whether it be corner unit, racks or bin units they have something that will add a level of quality and sophistication to the simple task of opening and closing a drawer.

Showcased at Interzum 2019, GRASS revealed their new hardware line up for the coming future, these fit in with being slim line, sleek and functional. Adhering to the international trends and movements to ensure that their products cater for what the market wants.



All these details contribute to an overall feeling of quality, personality and satisfaction when spending time in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

We constantly strive to give our clients access to the latest products, finishes and styles in the industry and pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality components. If you would like to know more about our new products have a look here.

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