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Adding your own flavor to your living space.


We recently finished PVC wrap components for one of our clients that is building a new kitchen. The client had a very specific look that he wanted to achieve, looking at the international market trends of blending natural materials, such as solid wood, with modern surface technologies in this case the FENIX NTM compact laminate tops.


They wanted something different, yet subtle and sophisticated. The great thing about our component manufacturing process is that there are large amounts of different decors, finishes and textures to choose from. This means that whatever the client decides on that he will be able to compliment the look of his new living space with the exact type of finish that he is looking for.


Handle less functionality means that the owner wanted a sleek appearance. In order to create this touch to open hardware is used. If a sleek appearance is desired another method can be used by making use of our finger grip profile doors that eliminates the need for any door handles. Creating a sleek clean look that does not sacrifice functionality.


Black PVC wrap is combined with natural wood and FENIX NTM compact laminate tops with its matt anti-fingerprint properties. This creates a modern look that blends perfectly with the international trends of combining a various amount of textures and colours.


Tops are cut out to accommodate appliances as well as sinks. Making use of the CNC machine with diamond cutters the correct sizes are machined into the top before installation. This ensures a perfect fit and no need to cut any holes on site. The CNC also ensures that the compact laminate is cut cleanly with a perfect finish.


PVC wrap components can fit in with a wide variety of designs and styles. We can manufacture components according to the desired sizes as specified by the client. Our components are manufactured on a high pressure press, meaning that you get the best finish and the best quality components.


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