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Creating Truly Unique Kitchen Components

A complete kitchen making use of compact laminate. One of our clients recently finished this very unique project for a client. Making use of compact laminate as the material of choice he created this unique kitchen.

What is compact laminate?

Compact laminate is made up of layers of Kraft paper that is dipped in resin and then dried. The layers are then pressed together between laminated top and bottom sheets and baked. This bonds everything together creating a material that is solid and a very durable tough laminate.

This means that the material is extremely tough and resilient and will stand up to heavy use. It is also a very decorative material in having a textured finish.

This unique project saw the extensive use of compact laminate to create a modern yet practical look. This was used as both counter top material as well as being the doors on the cabinets.


Color Magma is used combined with white to give a contrasting look. Using the CNC machine and diamond tooling the basin and stove top were recessed to give a clean sleek look.




Material processed and cut by Topworx, to visit their website visit :

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