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High gloss seems to be a favourite in kitchen finishes in the past year or so. The demand for a quality high gloss finish is still high and we are frequently producing these components. Reason why the high gloss seems to be a finish that people prefer, as it offers a look that is adaptable to a multitude of designs, styles and create an atmosphere.

There are a host of different options when it comes to a high gloss finish. These all are produced making use of various materials as well as manufacturing processes. Some have benefits over others as well as cost implications.

The main options are:

Duco Doors

Duco is a painting process where layers and layers are painted in order to create a even finish with a high gloss. Advantage of this method is that you can have a door with a profile in it and have the high gloss finish. Disadvantages is that the finish might chip as general wear and tear sets in. If you were to do add on’s at a later stage it is very hard to match the color with previous finish.

Wrapped Doors

PVC wrapped doors is a MDF board wrapped by means of pressure and heat in order to create a door enclosed in a PVC foil. The advantage of this method is that with means of a high pressure press you can achieve a high definition finish. More resistant to moisture and quite hard wearing. Disadvantages are that you can’t achieve high pressure wrapped profile doors and only flat panels.

Melamine Doors

Melamine high gloss is a normal melamine board with a high gloss finish. These boards come from the manufacturer in various colors to choose from. They offer a great high gloss finish with good reflective qualities. However, one disadvantage that they seem to have is when it is edged it has a glue line. This might affect the clean look that is being strived for.

Overall all the production methods will provide you with a high gloss finish, it simply comes down to the person on how glossy he or she wants the end product to be. Some finishes lend themselves to providing higher definition high gloss finish than others. If you have any questions to the different types of finishes and how they might suit your needs please feel free to contact me.

(High Pressure Press In Operation)

Author: Stephanus Claughton

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