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There has been this perception that I have come across a few times that people believe postform tops are on the way out. Running a factory manufacturing postform tops I can in all honesty say that this is not the case. Postform tops are still in demand today and the demand won’t stop any time soon. The tops are of high quality, priced well and with the host of different colors available today it is hard not to find something that you like.


I get asked quite a lot what the durability is like from postform tops. A solid top might be perceived as being more durable but a laminate counter top can take a fair amount of abuse. If you look after your counter top it is not unheard of for it to last up to 20 years. They handle mild heat well and stains, impacts and abrasions have little damage effect on them.

Variety of colors

The hardest part of choosing a top would be the color. You are truly spoilt for choice in this regard. There are so many different variations that sometimes it might be overwhelming. I normally urge people to come with at least an idea of whether they want a light or dark color, and if it should be solid color or some sort of texture and whether it is a wood grain, stone range or something similar. We stock color ranges from over 4 different suppliers all having offerings that should fit your needs.

Different sizes

The general idea from the market is that there are set sizes that tops are manufactured to. Many people design kitchens or living areas around these dimensions. However when we manufacture postform tops we can produce almost any size. Our manufacturing process is not limited to “industry standard” sizes and any size you need we can produce. Our factory is also one of the only that is able to produce a top up to 4.1m in length.

Edge Profile

When looking at the edges of the tops there are 4 profiles to choose from. We manufacture tops with 90 degree edges, 180 degrees, 8mm square line and 6mm square line. The edge profile depends on the specific look that you would want or if you have an existing counter top that needs to be replaced we can manufacture the edge profile so that it fits in with the existing counter top.

Manufacturing Time

Generally, postform tops can be manufactured from scratch in quite a short period of time. Depending whether the laminates needs to be ordered it and a few other various factors. You can expect a top to be completed in 3-4 working days and sometimes faster.


Probably one of the reasons why postform tops, in my opinion, are still here to stay for quite a while. A postform top is more than a third cheaper than stone, and the money that is saved there can be spend on other aspects of re-doing your kitchen. It is truly still value for your money.

If you have any questions with regards to tops or manufacturing thereof and require some technical details or have inquiries please feel free to give me a call. For more info on our services and products have a look at our website . You can also follow us on Facebook for updates.


Written By: Ronald Hendricks

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