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Striving for excellence

This involves developing not only technically, but also in the areas of communications, interpersonal relationships, ethics, and more. Working in a manufacturing industry I have learned that there are some key points to take into consideration when trying to achieve excellence.


Producing high-quality products

Make sure that the products that you offer to your clients is of the highest quality that you can achieve. By having capable staff with years of experience that know the product inside and out you make sure that you start becoming a trusted source within the industry and will have clients coming back to you. Invest in technology and machinery to make sure that you are on the forefront of manufacturing processes making sure that the client receives the highest standard of product quality.

Clearly communicating with customers

I strongly believe that this is a key point in client service satisfaction. Being honest and open with the client makes sure that a good relationship is maintained and that everyone is on the same page. This avoids errors and when they sometimes do occur that they are sorted out as soon as possible.

Keeping to committed schedules

In the manufacturing and building industry time is essential. Jobs needs to get done and any time delay can put a project back a few days. Having shorter lead times than your competitors can make a difference. Look at the general industry lead times and figure out some processes to make sure your lead times are shorter than that of your competitors.

Investing in growing the business

Make sure one of your main aims is to keep investing in growing your business. This will ensure that you are constantly expanding your products, offering and services. This is all to be able to provide the client with the best experience possible. Whether this investment lies in new product line, new machines or expanding your capabilities in manufacturing.

Enjoying what you do.

Showcasing your enjoyment in what you do and how you do it makes working with you a positive experience. People tend to like a positive working relationship and it will carry through the professional relationship with your client.

In my experience and my everyday working environment, I try to follow these pointers as closely possible as I have learnt that people respond very well to them. It makes for a enjoyable working relationship and one that is effective and benefits both parties. We offer a host of services to our clients as well as a wide array of products for the kitchen and cupboard industry.

Written by: Luan Truter – Sales Representative

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