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davLet’s put it this way, when it comes to choosing finishes for your kitchen there are just too many to choose from. It all comes down to your taste, preferences and of course budget.  A good starting point is to list the advantages and give reasons that would influence your decision as to why you would choose the one over the other.

Looking at production lead times.

PVC wrap tends to be a faster product to manufacture than that of a similar finish. Duco or Lacquer would be the closest in resemblance but with a manufacturing lead time of up to 14 days it is rather long when compared to the 7 days for PVC wrap doors.


Building a new or renovating your kitchen can be an expensive exercise and costs can add up very quickly as hardware, cutting and installation fees still need to be factored in. Choosing PVC wrap is the more cost effective approach coming in at around  36% less than what you would have paid if you chosen Duco.

Variety available

If you are looking for variety in colour, texture, patterns and profiles PVC wrap has an unlimited amount of options available. Chances are you will have too many options rather than not finding a colour or a finish you looking for.

PVC wrap qualities

PVC wrap is durable and resistant to most chemicals this includes greases, oils and water damage and would be the safest bet as wrap is the most waterproof coating that you can choose. The glue used in manufacturing is non-solvent water base glue. There is no glue visible and also no edging lines giving a cleaner appearance. PVC wrap is also a very low maintenance product and can be cleaned with minimal effort making use of warm water and non-abrasive detergent.

High pressure wrapping

If you are looking for PVC wrap doors it is always advisable to find a manufacturer that has a high pressure press. It allows for a better quality wrap finish than that of a standard vacuum press would. The results of a high pressure press are remarkable when comparing the differences of the high gloss finish manufactured on a vacuum press against high gloss manufactured on a high pressure press.  The difference in quality produced between vacuum and high pressure can also clearly be seen in the sharper detail and absence of blemishes.

If you have any questions regarding PVC wrap or require more technical detail feel free to contact us or come and visit. We have a variety of samples on display at our showroom.

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